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As the CEO of Strategic Links LLC, Kerry Maybank is striving to bring business owners and professionals together in a forum where they can benefit from each other's networks and expertise.

So he formed Strategic Links as a way to provide a dedicated environment for business collaboration.

"All Strategic Links is in nutshell is a virtual country club," Maybank said. "It's an attempt for us, as successful entrepreneurs, to be more relevant to each other's success."

Geared toward enabling entrepreneurs to provide each other referrals and resources, Strategic Links' aim to is to develop opportunities for building wealth.

Maybank initially started the Philadelphia-based organization back in 2008. After two years of inactivity, he relaunched the organization in October.

"I brought it back because there is a need for it," he said.

About a dozen attendees turned out for the Strategic Links relaunch event held Oct. 7 at the White Clay Creek Country Club in Wilmington, Del. During the event, attendees discussed their personal and professional goals and had the opportunity to play golf. During the networking event, participants addressed how they could help each other with their respective business endeavors.

Some of those in attendance included Technical Emmy award winner Dean Harris, celebrity psychologist Dr. Argie Allen and Melinda Emerson, president of Quintessence Group, and known as the "Small Biz Lady."

"When like-minded Black professionals have the opportunity to get together and talk, lament and share resources and ideas to support each other, I am always for that," said Emerson, a small business expert.

She was impressed by the professionals that she met during the relaunch event.

"I only knew two people in the room. It was an opportunity for me to learn about the expertise and goals that people had. What I liked is that this is a business-minded group," she said.

Emerson said the daylong networking event was an enriching experience.

"It was not a competitive environment at all," she said. "It was a supporting and loving environment. There is an appetite for people who like to network, like to elevate other people of color and who like to golf - I think that people who have those three things in common will find a place in Strategic Links."

Organizers are gearing up to host webinars and networking events around the country. Maybank said they plan to host events at country clubs in four corridors, spanning Boston to Northern Virginia in the Northeast; North Carolina to Florida in the Southeast; Chicago and surrounding states in the Midwest and Los Angeles on the West Coast.

While the organization has drawn engineering and information technology executives from software stimulation, cyber security and drone companies, Maybank said it seeks to attract members from a variety of industries.

"It's geared toward any entrepreneur who is looking to be linked," said Maybank, who has a background in business development and assisting businesses in the acquisition of contracts, financing and strategic partners.

"All we are ask is that when you come to our meetings that you understand two things - how this group can help you and how you can help somebody in the group," he said.

Maybank noted that some of the Strategic Links members are leveraging the network in their affiliation with the National Society of Black Engineers.

"What we have is a network that is global," he pointed out. "What I mean is I can send an email and reach 60,000 engineers across the world. What that means is I can support you tomorrow. I can help you find that professional that you need to help you close that engagement tomorrow."

For information visit www.strategiclinksllc.com.