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Min. Rodney Muhammad retained his position as the Philadelphia NAACP president after Saturday's elections at Freedom Theatre.

Radio One host and local activist Mannwell Glenn had previously announced his plan to challenge Muhammad. His name was not on the ballot, however, as he was ruled not eligible to run because of his NAACP membership status.

To participate, candidates and voters needed to be a member in good standing for at least 30 days prior to the election date. Sources confirmed Joel Wilson was not eligible to run for treasurer for the same reason.

Glenn had said he wanted to run because he felt the local NAACP chapter was no longer an advocate for the African-American community.

"I want to bridge that gap," Glenn said. "I want to heal the disconnect, and I want to move forward, to engage people more. People say it's about change and reform. I say it's about an evolution."

Glenn did not return phone calls after the election. On his Facebook and Twitter accounts he wrote, "No comment" with the hashtag NAACP.

Muhammad has been NAACP chief since December 2014, taking over from former president Jerry Mondesire.

Muhammad's original platform centered on "evening the playing field for all Americans." Serving as minister of the Delaware Valley-area Mosque No. 12, he has spoken on issues such as street violence and gun control. Muhammad recently issued a statement after the presidential election, calling for more members of the Black community to vote.

"If you want attention, take your protest to the street," Muhammad said. "If you want change, take your protest to the polls."

He did not return phone calls for comment on the NAACP election. A spokesperson for the local NAACP chapter said they were unable to make a statement due to "internal issues."

Felicia Harris, founder of the nonprofit organization Influencing Action Movement, was elected as a new board member to serve as third vice president. The position for second vice president is currently vacant, awaiting appointment.